Is Rainy Season Bad for Trees?

Definitely trees need hydration to ensure healthy growth. The rainy season is very useful to provide trees your trees enough water to keep them hydrated, but an overabundance of rain can also cause several problems for your trees. We know too much rain can oversaturate the soil and weaken root system, in addition to fungal diseases that thrive in wet conditions. These can affect the health and appearance of your trees. Moreover, a stronger rainy season bring hard winds that can blow branches and trees. This is the reason why you should answer: is rainy season bad for trees?

is rainy season bad for trees saturate


The risks about the excessive rain can mitigate the poses to your trees with closely monitoring and surveying them for signs of damage. These are the cases of lesions, cracks and exposed roots. Also, you need to ask for professional support in trees care services for ensuring your plants health.

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Why too much water suffocate your trees?

When the trees suffer a hard rainy season probably they will oversaturate with rainwater their soils. When the roots receive too much rainwater their soil compact and get suffocated. So, the water prevents the roots from absorbing enough oxygen. When the pores are filled with water, the tree can run out of oxygen within a few hours. It can now take only several days before parts of the root begin to rot.


There are tropical zones that enjoy sandy soil that provides good drainage. Another recommendation is to avoid stepping on your lawn after heavy rain so you won’t help further soil compaction that surely will suffocate your trees.

This is the first point you must have in mind to protect your trees from the hard rainy seasons. Remember that you can contact us or making a call for making an appointment and receive the best advisory service from our professionals.

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