Ideas For Palm Tree Landscapes

Its very easy to include great ideas for palm tree landscapes in your garden. It can be tropical style, formal, grandiose or even a playful landscape.

Next we will give you any ideas you can use to make more beautiful your garden. It depends on the kind of landscape you want to design in your space. There are another factors you need to have in mind before putting your ideas in your house. You have to consider the kind of plants you can put depending on the characteristics of your ground. Also you must consider the better complements for your landscape.

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What design ideas are better for your palm trees?

Now it’s time to see a list of ideas you can use in different spaces:

Palm trees for shades

The canopy palms work effciently for making shades. This is easier when they are more than 20 feet in breadth. You can plant your palms 12-15 between each one. So, you will get good shading effects in your sunlight areas. You can play with their heights, too. Then this will give an special pattern design.

ideas for palm tree landscapes shades
Property lines covered with palm trees

Palm trees can be used for defining lines of property. You can design over the fencing lines. You can achieve it depending if you have single trunk or multiple trunk trees. If you use different heights of plants the privacy lines will look more natural and stylish. If you want to let a great design don’t forget to leave gaps that let your property lines breathing comfortably. 

A themed garden made of palm trees
ideas for palm tree landscapes themed

The first tip is mixing different kind of trees for creating your themed area. You can use palms from different regions. So, you can design some places with a variety of atmospheres.

This is just the beggining of your design ideas road. If you want a professional advisory contac us. 

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