How to Properly Water Your Trees

Water your trees is an important task you need to pay attention. While some people believe that only rain is enough to properly irrigate your tree, this is a false assumption. When it comes to watering your trees, how you do it will affect your tree’s longevity, health, and overall appearance. Furthermore, how you water your trees will also vary on the climatic conditions, such as droughts or wet seasons. Our Tree Services in Cape Coral wants to teach you how to properly water your trees. Here is what we recommend you to do in Cape Coral.

When to water your trees

The right time to water your plant depends on your tree’s climate conditions. Watering during the summer afternoon is a waste of time for your tree’s health since half of the water can be lost due to evaporation.

So, if it is summer, the best time to do it is in the morning or evening. This will let the roots the chance to absorb most of the water.

Properly Water Your Trees when to do it

Furthermore, when drought conditions, your tree will need more water than ever. To know when you can check the soil conditions. Now, the watering frequency will depend on the age of your tree and its size. Newly planted trees will require much water to be established. Or in the case it is a big tree, it will also demand more.

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How much exactly

As we pointed out before, the exact amount of water will depend on the age of the tree and its size. So, you need to pay attention to those details to water it correctly. However, it would help if you also considered certain aspects not to overwater your plant and damage it more. Here it applies the rule of thumb. This rule is towards already established trees. For them, you need to use 10 gallons of water for each inch of the tree’s diameter. To know how to measure it, you can use a ruler at knee height, or you can also make your best guess.

Deeper is Better

How to Properly Water Your Trees? deeper is better

When you focus on water, the most important factor you sometimes consider is how much it is necessary.

But, besides how much water your tree needs, it is also important to know how to pour the water into it. If you apply the necessary amount of water, but not in the right way, it is all for nothing.

The right way to water your tree is to do it slow and deep. It would be best if you tried with drip lines as your number one method. Likewise, spraying the water can also do its job. On the other hand, if you choose to irrigate it, the water may evaporate compared to other watering or sprinkler systems. Remember that when you water your plant deep, it will allow the critical root zone to have adequate moisture. So, make sure it takes a depth of at least 10 inches, if possible.

Consistency is Key when it comes to properly water your trees

It may sometimes happen that you do water your tree, but you tend to do it from time to time. Perhaps you finally allow your tree’s soil to dry out to water it again. Or the contrary happens. You let your soil to stay soggy, and then you repeatedly water. None of those situations are ideal for your Palm Trees in Cape Coral. They can become too stressed. And when your trees are like that, they are more prone to any disease or infestation. If you want your tree to avoid that stressful situation, you need to be consistent with the soil moisture. Only in this way will you keep your trees healthy. Never go to any extremes.

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Newly Planted Trees

You need to pay special attention when you deal with newly planted trees. It is not the same as watering an already established tree. It still sets its root systems when your tree is new and recently young. This means that it needs more water.

Any Palm Trees in Cape Coral that are recently planted will require water at least once a day for the first couple of weeks after planting. After some time, and while the plant is still growing, you can begin by watering it only once a week. This is essential if you don’t want the tree to die.

But also remember that you do not have to overwater it. Only water it at that frequency until the roots are already extended beyond the root ball. Then, you can begin with a regular schedule according to the tree species.

How to properly water your newly planted trees

Do not forget to water your trees!

With proper tree services in Cape Coral, you will have someone who will take care of your tree. Since watering is vital for your tree to survive, you cannot forget to do it. Your tree won’t grow with proper care. We know it can a tedious job. In this case, you can hire the best tree services to handle it for you. But, never forget to water it!