How to Prevent Transplant Shock

When we are in the wake of palm trees transplant, for the most part experience what you know as “transplant stun or shock”. This shock happens when roots aggravate and present to air and daylight. This happens due to the fact that trees usually must not be removed once original planted. When you move a plant tree it can lose some of its roots which are vital for taking its water and nutrients. Now let’s see how to prevent transplant shock!

Remaining roots can experience serious difficulties giving the palm enough water. Then it prompts the tree to panic due to lack of water and causes stress. That’s the reason why it’s important to keep the root-ball of the palm damp during its process. Any aggravation in the roots will create a stressful situation for the tree. While there is no specific method to avoid transplant shock, there are approaches to limit it. 

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Acclimatize the palm before transplanting

Palm trees don’t care for sudden changes in temperature or amount sun/light. When transplanting a plant from the pot into the ground, you can help the palm adapt by placing it into the area where you will be planting it seven days ahead of time. That will give your plant enough time to adapt to the temperature and the light dimensions of the area.

how to prevent transplant shock acclimatize

Try not to injure your palm trees roots

how to prevent transplant shock injure

Depending on the species, palm trees lose at least some of their roots when transplanted to the new spot. Palms developed in a pot generally have roots that fold over within the container. Never trim these roots even though they are folded over. The plant will depend on the old roots for getting water, while the new roots are being created.

Follow these first steps and start to grow a beautiful palm tree landscape. If you want more tips please contact us.

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