How to Eliminate Autumn Pests in our Garden

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Autumn is one of the most colorful seasons of the year. Many experts and new gardeners look forward to the moment when their gardens are dressed with the characteristic warm colors that herald the arrival of the cold season. However, also come to some unspeakable pests, so today, we will tell you how to eliminate autumn pests in our garden.

 Although many believe that the appearance of pests is a problem that only stalks gardens in spring or summer, there are some that we have to prevent this season, according to the professionals of Palm trees cape coral, which are:

how to eliminate autumn pests in our garden

Red palm weevil: These insects attack palm trees during this season, and although at first, their effects are not visible, they do represent a problem in the medium and long term in our ways, so now we tell you How to eliminate autumn pests in our garden.

 There are aerial treatments applied using atomizers that are very effective. Still, there is also endotherapy, with which the medicine is injected into the tree trunk. The tree distributes it through its sap flow. 

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Professional support against pests

how to eliminate autumn pests in our garden

In any case, this should be applied by a professional.

Pine Processionary: These larvae’ larvae reach their peak in October when they make their silk protections to stay protected during the winter, so this season is the perfect time to get rid of them. 

The easiest way to do it is to remove these bags from the tree or destroy the eggs during the summer. Either way, you should use special gloves or the help of an expert. 

We can also place physical barriers on our pines or use phytosanitary treatments to eliminate them. 

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Last: How to eliminate rodents pests in your garden

Rodents: Finally, rodents also mistreat our garden, as they can gnaw the bark of trees and shrubs, as well as the stems, so to eliminate them, we should consider maintaining proper hygiene at home and destroy any potential nests in our garden.

Now that you know how to eliminate autumn pests in our garden, you will be able to protect your garden this season and enjoy its benefits. In any case, don’t forget to buy Palm trees in Cape Coral Florida to get the garden of your dreams.

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