How to care for your Tree’s Roots

Trees are beautiful tall plants to place in your garden or yard, that can enhance the look of your landscape. So, as any other living being, they also need the right care and attention to grow as high as it can, and live as long as it should. Well, trees are made up of many parts, like leaves, trunk and roots. All of them matter and should be take care in the same way. Let’s just take, for example, the human body. There might be some parts that we take care the most, but everything needs to be in order, for you to be healthy. It applies the same for trees. Sometimes you can just pay attention to how the leaves and foliage looks, or how the trunk is growing, and leave the roots apart. Since they cannot be easily seen, it can be easy to forget about them. However, your tree’s roots are very important. They are in charge of absorbing vital nutrients and water from the soil that the tree will use to survive. If the tree’s roots is not in a good place, it will blow over easily. That is why, our tree services Cape Coral what to show you how to care for your tree’s roots.

Invest in the Appropriate Mulch

Mulch is any kind of material that can be spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a type of covering. They are a key part of the tree’s growing since they can be used as a soil moisture, improve the fertility and health of the tree and more.

If you have planted a tree, you need to invest in mulch. Regarding the roots, mulch can protect them. Likewise, it will also add extra moisture and nutrients for your tree.

How to care for your Tree’s Roots appropiate mulch

And, after all, what your tree needs to grow tall is constant nutrients, specially during spring. While, when the winter comes (which is normally a season where most trees tend to suffer most) it can add the needed protection from the cold.

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Water your Tree

Watering a tree will always be an important factor for the growth of it. Plants are about 80-95 % water, and they need it for multiple reasons, such as for photosynthesis, for cooling, and to transport minerals and nutrients from the soil into the plant. The first contact your tree has with water is through the roots. If they are not good, they won’t be able to take the water and transport it into the tree. So, be sure to water it regularly. And even more when there is a drought. If you don’t want your tree to die, it is better to make sure you root is getting enough water, not too little and not too much. Just the amount it needs.

Let the Roots breathe

How to care for your Tree’s Roots breathe

As we have already mentioned about how to care for the roots of your trees, they will need water to grow. Especially when summer comes in a place like Cape Coral, it will need water to not get dry and survive.

Nevertheless, there is also another thing that the tree needs to survive, and that is oxygen. Roots require from water and oxygen to help the whole tree grow.

So, it is excellent if you let the soil dry out underneath the tree. And from time to time, it can catch the oxygen it needs.  If you overwater your tree, the soil might get wet, and it will be a difficult place to grow. Likewise, another thing you can do to let the roots breathe is to avoid compacting the soil and mulch around the tree’s base too tightly. By doing this, you may be avoiding the tree’s root to get enough oxygen, and ended up suffocating it. When planting it, try to cover it only until it needs it.

Avoid the Cut of Tree’s Roots

While the services of Tree Pruning in Cape Coral are important for your tree periodically, try not to do this with your tree’s roots. Pruning and trimming the tree’s branches and leaves can help the tree to grow and stay healthy. However, when you try to cut any tree’s root, especially a big or main root, it can be detrimental for the tree. By doing this, you can leave the tree vulnerable, and it can suffer from the attack of many insects, bacteria, viruses and any kind of disease. The roots are a key part of the tree’s health and this is essential to care for your tree’s roots.

So, try not to stress it to the point it won’t grow until it has its roots healed. If you push it too hard, you won’t have another choice but ask for a tree service in Cape Coral. This can be good for your yard, but sad at the same time, if you did not take good care of your tree and tree’s root.

Protect the Surrounding of your Root

While you want your yard to be full of flowers and plants everywhere, it might be better to try to keep flowers, ground covers and other type of plants away from the base of your tree.

When you plant a flower near the root of another tree, it may seem beautiful, but a problem at the same time. To plant this flower, you will need to first dig the soil, and this can damage your root. 

How to take care for your tree’s roots protect the surrounding

Likewise, you will have to water the flower on a regular basis. This water will not only be absorbed by the flower, but also by the tree’s root near it. And as we already know, overwatering your roots, even by accident, is detrimental for your tree’s health. So, it is much better to plant it in another place.

Plant a New Tree in the Right Spot

In case you are looking to plant not only a flower, but a tree, you can do it. But what you need to take care is of your already planted tree. Try to locate this new try not too close of the other one. The important thing here is that you give enough space for the future roots to grow. If you sometimes do not pay attention to this tip, the roots of the new tree might grow, and they can get intertwined with the other root already there. This will not be healthy for any of the trees and can hinder their growth and survival. So, if you have already planted a new one, it may be time to think of a tree removal service. It is much better to lose one than two trees.

Better Call a Professional

So, here you have some advice in how to take care of your tree’s roots properly. When it comes to trees, every part of it matters. You need to pay attention to the whole picture, to really watch your tree grow and stay healthy. Even though you can’t really see the roots, they are an important part of your tree. With a healthy root, you will also have a healthy, strong and anchored tree into the ground. On the other hand, if it is kind of difficult for you, it is always better to call professional tree services in Cape Coral. They will make sure your tree lives for years.

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