Fall Tree Care Checklist

Fall season is about to arrive. This season of the year is between summer and winter. Temperatures gradually decrease, and we are stuck between the summer heat and the winter cold. Many animals begin preparing for the coming winter, and it seems like a new start for some plants, trees and flowers too. So, what does fall imply for trees exactly? While Cape Coral’s temperature during fall ranges from 91.4 °F and 80 °F, it seems like an excellent season for trees to prepare for winter months. In this way, you can really get good results for your trees in the next spring. It is better to take care of your trees before it gets too chilly. Here is our fall tree care checklist.

1) Fall fertilization

Whether it is summer or winter, trees seem to lose vital nutrients in the soil. There are some extreme weather conditions that don’t do good for your tree, specially during these seasons.

This is why fall is an excellent period to prepare your tree for what is about to come the next winter. Likewise, think about the fact that summer was before fall, and this means that the tree must have lost some nutrients there. 

Fall Tree Care Checklist fertilization

If you don’t do anything during fall, winter will come, and the conditions for your tree will get harder. To take care of your tree, it is better to apply a slow-release fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer will replace all the lost nutrients during summer, and it will also last all the way to winter. Furthermore, any kind of fertilization will only help your tree to improve its resistance to damage from any disease, insects, bugs, or the weather itself.

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2) Good Hydration

Once winter arrives, soil loses its natural insulating properties, and some properties to protect the tree root systems also get affected. These dry soils freeze more quickly, and it can kill some fine tree roots. Since this happens during winter, you don’t want your tree to die. This is why fall is an excellent season to water your palm trees in Cape Coral. You need to make sure that they are well-hydrated, so winter won’t quench your tree’s roots.

water your tree

Winter mostly affects the tree roots. So, it is better to begin with a subsurface watering. You only need to use an injection probe, where water is distributed throughout the top 12 inches of soil. In this way, your tree will have water stored, and they will have some kind of relief during winter.

3) A time to plant

Fall Tree Care Checklist plant

It may seem strange that you should plant during fall season. You have seen trees during fall, and they led their leaves shed. So, why would someone want to plant during fall? Isn’t it contradicted?

Actually, no. It has been proven that fall is a good season to plant new trees. This new period of time is good because the temperatures are much cooler than summer. 

So, there is much less chance of stress from sun scorch or drought. It gives better opportunities for your tree to grow well. Your tree can build root mass and prepare for winter. And once spring arrives, it will look like the tree you want to see.

4) Clean the surrounding areas

It is as well important to try to keep the areas around fruiting trees and plants clean. When fall comes, leaves tend to fall off trees. This happens because they are not doing their job anymore. What is their job? They are in charge of turning sunlight into food for the tree. So, when the leaf is empty, the tree won’t longer hold onto it, and it will fall into the ground or blow away by the wind.

Besides, it sometimes happens that some fruits also fall down from the trees due to many reasons. Or perhaps, some leaves fall but because they are not healthy. In this case, it is better to get rid of all the fallen fruit, leaves (healthy and not healthy) and all branches around the tree. Only now your tree will be ready to prepare for winter, and then, for spring. In case you need help, you can ask for a tree pruning in Cape Coral. Their tree services can assist you with what you need.

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5) Prepare it for the cold

After fall, winter will come, that is for sure. So, the good thing about seasons is that from summer, fall gives you a time to prepare for lower temperatures, while you and your trees adjust little by little.

Then, it is not a bad idea to start preparing for extreme weather conditions, since they represent a higher risk for your trees.

Fall Tree Care Checklist prepare for the cold

For example, let’s say that you have a paradise palm tree, and you want it to last for a long time, you can ask for our tree removal service Cape Coral. We can cable, brace and prune your tree before the snow comes. Also, we can even help if your tree is already weakened or has rotting branches. You know they won’t last during the harsh winter. Our tree experts can protect for you.

Fall for your Tree Care

Take into account this Fall tree care checklist. Your palm tree needs to take care of it during any season. Each of them has their own characteristics that can be good or detrimental for your tree. During fall, there are many things you need to do to prepare your tree for winter. Of course, this is if you expect your tree to grow big and old for many years. Fall presents you with an excellent opportunity for your tree.