Trimming and Pruning Differences

Trimming and pruning differences are not so clear. It’s a common mistake between owners because they have similar actions. Twice you have to cut away parts from the tree, shrub or hedges. However the differences are involved in the goal of each service.

Trimming is the process of cutting away overgrowth on plants to keep them looking neat. While pruning aims to remove dead or diseased branches to maintain the plants health. Now we are going to see more information about trimming and pruning differences.

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The importance of trimming your trees

The plants usually make a great part of a beautiful landscape, but sometimes they tend to overgrow if they don’t receive the proper cared for. And the overgrown plants with unruly branches and foliage are exposed to bring down your curb appeal. The trimming consists in eliminating all the overgrowing from your trees, shrubs and hedges. This will maintain their pristine condition.

These are the main reasons is advisable to have a trimming routine:

  • It will keep your trees and plants looking well-shaped and neat.
  •  You can get your plants at the same size. This will give uniformity to your landscape.
  • Your plants need to have a much-needed haircut frequently. Besides multiple stems can be trimmed at once.



trimming and pruning differences importance

Pruning for your plants health

The most effective option to preserve your plants health is pruning them. Pruning is the process of cutting diseased or damaged parts of the plants. This will keep them healthy and will stop the damage from spreading. However there’s more to it. When you remove these parts you are helping the plan to redirect that energy in developing healthy regrowth.


These are some benefits you receive from pruning your plants:

  • Pruning trains the plants to grow in a certain way. So, you prolong their lives and vigorous development.
  • Promotes their quality fruit production. Pruning allows more sunlight and oxygen to enter the tree’s interior.
  • Promotes your safety. Pruning damaged branches reduces the risk of trees parts falling into your house causing injuries.

These were the basic trimming and pruning differences. If you want to receive more information call us and make an appointment.

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