Choose The Perfect Palm Tree

You know it. Palm trees are a basic landscape element in Florida. That’s why we always can recommend you the variety of options when you want to choose the perfect palm tree. This task becomes more difficult because you have a lot of beautiful options. Next we will show you these varieties

So, you will have more information for making the best decision.

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Foxtail Palm

This is a native palm tree from Australia. It’s very appreciated because of its adaptability to shaded and sunny areas. This palm has big fronds that look like a fox’s bushy tail. That’s the reason of its name. The Foxtail Palm can easily be your favorite plant for your garden landscape. It has a k height of approximate 40 feet. That’s the reason why this could be a focal point in your garden. It’s very big fronds get an intense dark green color and can reach up to 10 feet.

choose the perfect palm tree foxtail

The foxtail palm is not fussy with its soil. It just needs a well draining space to be better adapted. This is a plant that really doesn’t need a lot of attention. This can be a solution if you do not have the right time to be caring all days your landscape. They have the capability to self cleaning. This means they drop by theirselves their fronds and then let the new ones grow up naturally.

Queen Palm

choose the perfect palm tree queen

Queen palm makes honor to its royal name because has its luxurious bright green fronds. Surely it will become a focal point in your neighborhood. Their creamy coloured flowers will become big bright oranges in the beginning of early winter.

These palm trees need to be watering frequently and a well drained soil condition. If you want the Queen Palm will grow stronger and colorful you will need to use flourish, potassium, magnesium and iron. All the minerals that will guarantee a right prevention of the discoloration of their fronds.

These were just two examples of the best varieties you can plant in Florida. If you want more information please contact us and we will give you the best service.

We have a wide variety of Palm Trees in Cape Coral. You can browse our catalog and once you find what you’re looking for just give us a call. We offer the Same Day delivery. Or you are also free to call us with any questions you may have.