Recycle Halloween Pumpkins

recycle halloween pumpkins

Recycle Halloween Pumpkins It’s time to say goodbye to Halloween season. But the mountains of candy and many leftover pumpkins remain. You will have the task of recycle Halloween pumpkins to help preserve landfill space and minimize methane gas. 

Bamboo Care and Maintenance

bamboo care and maintenance

Bamboo Care and Maintenance It is usually assumed that bamboo can be planted in a wet area. this certainly does not apply to all bamboos. It is better to plant the bamboo in a place that is not too wet and give it extra water during the summer growth. In winter some types of bamboo […]

Red Flowers for your Gardens

red flowers for your gardens

Red Flowers for your Gardens Red flowers add a dramatic flare to any garden. This color is the boldest hue on the color wheel and will always be a centerpiece of any exterior or interior landscape. The red flowers for your gardens are a great way to attract pollinators, especially hummingbirds who have attuned sight […]

The Candy Fruit of the Date Palm

the candy fruit of the date palm

The Candy Fruit of the Date Palm Nowadays the candy fruit of the date palm is considered one of the main vegetarian and vegan food. maybe what you don’t know is where they come from and that you can plant them by your own. The date palms are a great addition for your landscape and […]

Is Rainy Season Bad for Trees?

is rainy season bad for trees

Is Rainy Season Bad for Trees? Definitely trees need hydration to ensure healthy growth. The rainy season is very useful to provide trees your trees enough water to keep them hydrated, but an overabundance of rain can also cause several problems for your trees. We know too much rain can oversaturate the soil and weaken […]

Effective Evergreen Fertilizers

effective evergreen fertilizers

Effective Evergreen Fertilizers we are getting closer to the colder seasons of the year. That’s why we need to learn which are the most effective evergreen fertilizers. They will start to let their leaves falling everywhere. This is the best way to keep them clean and healthy. Maybe fertilizers is one of the most effective […]

Great Outdoor Landscaping Ideas

great outdoor landscaping ideas

Great Outdoor Landscaping Ideas The commercial businesses that have outdoor services are a great opportunity to develop great outdoor landscaping ideas. Especially now with the current pandemic events, because people are looking for more options like coffee, food, drinkings and more with fresh air and that take advantage of their spots. An easy way to […]

Trimming and Pruning Differences

trimming and pruning differences

Trimming and Pruning Differences Trimming and pruning differences are not so clear. It’s a common mistake between owners because they have similar actions. Twice you have to cut away parts from the tree, shrub or hedges. However the differences are involved in the goal of each service. Trimming is the process of cutting away overgrowth […]