What are the Christmas Palms?

what are the christmas palms

What are the Christmas Palms? What are the Christmas Palms? This is a variety also known as Manila Palms because of their native range in the Philippines. They earn their name from the colorful berries produced during the holiday season. During fall and winter the palm takes on the appearance of being decorated for Christmas […]

Tips to Create a Yoga Garden

tips to create a yoga garden

Tips to Create a Yoga Garden Do you want to have the dream of your own yoga studio? If you follow the tips to create a yoga garden, you will have the chance to make your sun salutations or the vinyasa routine in the comfort of your own backyard. Now you will learn how to […]

Should you Grow Moss Lawn?

should you grow moss lawn

Should you Grow Moss Lawn? If you love the look of a lush green lawn but don’t enjoy the work that goes into maintaining one, a moss lawn must be for you. Moss is an excellent alternative to turf grass and is even easier to maintain. We will work you through everything you need to […]

Is Neighbor’s Yard Greener?

is neighbor's yard greener

Is Neighbor’s Yard Greener? Every day you see your neighbor’s yard greener and begin to ask yourself what their secrets are. If you are too shy to ask them or their explanation is vague, we have some ideas about what’s happening. Next, you will answer all your questions. You must follow another recommendations if you […]

How to Get Rid of Bamboo

how to get rid of bamboo

How to Get Rid of Bamboo Bamboo is a highly versatile plant used for food, construction materials, and as a wood alternative. However should you grow it in your garden or yard you will need to know how to get rid of bamboo. Bamboo, also is an aggressive spreader, becoming a problem for gardeners and […]

Outdoor Lighting for your Property

outdoor lighting for your property

Outdoor Lighting for your Property Your well planned landscape design can bask in the sunlight all day. But it can draw in darkness once the sun has set. Installing outdoor lighting for your property will bring life to the exterior and showcase the stunning features you have. You can display different elements, like statues, trees, […]

Color Theory in Landscaping

color theory in landscaping

Color Theory in Landscaping If you want to take your landscape design to the next level, incorporating a color scheme, this opens up a rainbow of possibilities to transform your space. But how can you be sure that you are taking advantage of the color theory in landscaping? Next, you will be covering the basics […]

Learn How to Lime the Lawn

learn how to lime the lawn

Learn How to Lime the Lawn It’s time to beneath your yellow lawn. Your soil is telling you it needs some help. you followed the fertilizer bag instructions, precisely yet you’ve seen no improvement. Could your lawn need lime to restore the pH balance of your soil? With this information surely you will learn how […]

Erosion vs. Retaining Walls

erosion vs. retaining walls

Erosion vs. Retaining Walls Having sloped land in your property can be challenging, especially in Florida. The rainy weather coupled with a sloped yard is a recipe for erosion soil issues. Luckily, retaining walls can help immensely with this. Retaining walls are a decorative way to add something completely functional to your property. They add […]

Learn Gardening with Kids

learn gardening with kids

Learn Gardening with Kids If you are looking to share your love for gardening with your kids or grandkids, your opportunities are limitless. But what’s the best way to learn gardening with kids, getting engaged with its purpose, and not feeling overwhelmed? Learn everything you need to know about it here. Palm Trees for sale […]