The Fastest Growing Palm Trees

the fastest growing palm trees

The Fastest Growing Palm Trees Nearby you can find a lot of beautiful palm trees that shine around our beaches and streets. Many people buy palm trees according to thinking how easy will be to take care of them. Next we will learn more about the fastest growing palm trees. Palm Trees for sale Cape […]

How to Prevent Transplant Shock

how to prevent transplant shock

How to Prevent Transplant Shock When we are in the wake of palm trees transplant, for the most part experience what you know as “transplant stun or shock”. This shock happens when roots aggravate and present to air and daylight. This happens due to the fact that trees usually must not be removed once original […]

Planting from Nursery Pot


Planting from Nursery Pot If you have your palm trees into a nursery pot or any kind of planter, maybe you need to think in change it to grow better into the ground. All this depends on the zone you are living. The best months for transplanting is the late winter season. This is because […]

Tips for Caring Fan Palms

tips for caring fan palms

Tips for Caring Fan Palms When you are looking for caring properly your fan palms you must consider these three aspects: the water, sun exposure and nutrients. this is very important because the brutal summer climate can make serious havoc in your plants. We know palm trees can be a hard amount of working. That’s […]

Grow Palm Trees From Seed

grow palm trees from seed

Grow Palm Trees From Seed ¿Do you want to Grow Palm Trees From Seed? Well. it’s easy and funny. We can give you the main tips for doing it. So, you will have a reward with a lot of beautiful small trees for all your life. But, if you want to grow big palm trees […]