Best Palm Tree Uses

Palm trees come from a big amount of varieties. Surely you have vivid the paradise vision of beaches, buy you don’t know that there are more than 2000 species. Also there are growing plants since rainforest to deserts. That’s why you must know the best palm tree uses.

In fact, palm trees are some of the most beneficial plants in tropical countries. That depends on their geographical distribution and many other uses. Next you can see their main uses and properties.

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The Palm Oil

This oil is a widely-used vegetable product that comes exactly from the fruit of oil palm trees. It’s a very versatile oil. Sometimes is considered like a “miracle ingredient” for too many products. If you think that its presence is accounting for one-third of global plant oil production you can find this product in almost everything. Since pizza dough to washing detergent. It’s also a major player in the beauty products industry, including palm kernel oil for body lotions, or bleached palm oil for soap.

Another important use in cause of its medicinal components are the mixing lotions for making cough syrups. It has been related to a high vitamin A volume. This properties make them very good for reducing cholesterol levels and lowering the likelihood of major illnesses, such as heart disease or cancer.

best palm tree uses oil

Popular beverages

A very exotic example is the “palm wine” or better known as “toddy”, or “palm toddy”. this is a sweet and milky alcoholic beverage produced from the sap of different palm species, like Palmyra, coconut plant and date palms. The beginning of the preparation process includes an incision made with a knife or machete between the tree’s kernels. This allows the sap to ooze out.

These were just a few of the most popular best palm tree uses. If you want more information just contact us and receive the best service.

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