Exploring the Green Oasis

Exploring the Green Oasis: B&C Fruit Trees and Landscape in Cape Coral In the lush landscapes of Cape Coral, one company stands out for its commitment to transforming spaces into vibrant, natural havens. B&C Fruit Trees and Landscape has earned a reputation as the go-to destination for the finest palm trees in the region. As […]

What are the Christmas Palms?

what are the christmas palms

What are the Christmas Palms? What are the Christmas Palms? This is a variety also known as Manila Palms because of their native range in the Philippines. They earn their name from the colorful berries produced during the holiday season. During fall and winter the palm takes on the appearance of being decorated for Christmas […]

Recycle Halloween Pumpkins

recycle halloween pumpkins

Recycle Halloween Pumpkins It’s time to say goodbye to Halloween season. But the mountains of candy and many leftover pumpkins remain. You will have the task of recycle Halloween pumpkins to help preserve landfill space and minimize methane gas. 

Grow your Landscaping Business

grow your landscaping business

Grow your Landscaping Business To start or grow your landscaping business can be challenging each new year. Constant labor and plant materials shortages in the last few years made it even more stressful. However starting your growing business revenues doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you break down the target into smaller steps. Well, if […]

Tips to Create a Yoga Garden

tips to create a yoga garden

Tips to Create a Yoga Garden Do you want to have the dream of your own yoga studio? If you follow the tips to create a yoga garden, you will have the chance to make your sun salutations or the vinyasa routine in the comfort of your own backyard. Now you will learn how to […]

Ideas for your Small Backyard

ideas for your small backyard

Ideas for your Small Backyard Sure, big backyards get all the attention in the home and garden magazines but your backyard deserves some luxury, too. Now you will have more ideas for your small backyard. If you want to make improvements to your garden maybe you should ask this question: Should you grow moss lawn? […]

Should you Grow Moss Lawn?

should you grow moss lawn

Should you Grow Moss Lawn? If you love the look of a lush green lawn but don’t enjoy the work that goes into maintaining one, a moss lawn must be for you. Moss is an excellent alternative to turf grass and is even easier to maintain. We will work you through everything you need to […]

Bamboo Care and Maintenance

bamboo care and maintenance

Bamboo Care and Maintenance It is usually assumed that bamboo can be planted in a wet area. this certainly does not apply to all bamboos. It is better to plant the bamboo in a place that is not too wet and give it extra water during the summer growth. In winter some types of bamboo […]

Is Neighbor’s Yard Greener?

is neighbor's yard greener

Is Neighbor’s Yard Greener? Every day you see your neighbor’s yard greener and begin to ask yourself what their secrets are. If you are too shy to ask them or their explanation is vague, we have some ideas about what’s happening. Next, you will answer all your questions. You must follow another recommendations if you […]

Keep Snakes out of your Yard

keep snakes out of your yard

Keep Snakes out of your Yard If the mere sight of these creatures brings you a combination of fear and repulsion, and you want to learn how to keep snakes out of your yard, you have to read this post. Also you can learn more about get rid of chiggers in your yard.  We want […]