All About Palm Tree Fruits

Why is it important to know all about palm tree fruits? Because probably you may think that the only product you will get from these trees are coconuts. But there is a big variety of materials produced from several kinds of palm trees. Just think in wax, oils, wines and jelly to name but a few.

Remember that not all fruits from palm trees are edibles. It depends on the kind of species. Next, you will see a selection of some fruits found in palm trees and their many uses.

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The usual coconut palm

This is the most common memory we have about palm trees: they produce coconuts. But referring to coconuts what you maybe do not know is that this fruit has many uses. 

Coconuts consist in three layers. the outer and middle layers are usually removed from the coconuts you find in stores. Almost always they are stripped down to the dark brown layer. In premature state the inner area has a green color. Then it doesn’t have anything but water inside. but when it ripens water becomes coconut meat. 

But we do not only use coconuts  like food. For example, the fibers on the outside of the husk are often used in weaving rope, doormats, brushes and sacks. 

all about palm tree fruits coconuts

The dates

For hundred of years people have consumed dates in a variety of ways, including food and medicinal purposes. The dried dates are typically sold in Western countries. They are chewy and with a sweet flavor. But mostly important, they contain some vital nutrients with a variety of uses and advantages. 

Starting with their antioxidant and fiber properties, making for healthy cell growth and promoting regular bowel movements. The dates have been associated too, with the prevention and treatment of serious diseases such as cancer and heart troubles.


all about palm tree fruits dates

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