7 Tips for Summer Tree Care

Although the summer is still not here, we can definitely feel it coming. As a popular saying, we cannot avoid the fact that “Summer is coming.” And with that, the temperatures will start to rise. All these factors that summer brings can affect your trees and green areas. Take into consideration that caring for trees in summer is much more different from doing it in any other season. Especially in Cape Coral, with its unusual weather. Trees require attention to stay healthy and survive throughout the summer. Here there are 7 tips for summer tree care.

1. Water is key

It is common knowledge that trees need water to survive and grow. On average, they need one inch of water per week.

However, the quantity of water needed will increase when the summer comes as it is a dry season. So, water your trees when necessary.

7 Tips for Summer Tree Care. Water is key

Remember not to use a sprinkler because it will not penetrate the root system. Ensure that the ground is wet enough to hydrate your tree but enough to turn the ground into mud.

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2. Pest Inspection

A good way of taking care of your trees in summer is by inspecting your trees regularly in case of any pest infection. During summer conditions, pests, such as lace bugs, bagworms, or aphids, tend to grow. So, with a practical inspection, you can avoid significant disasters by identifying the pest and culling them.

3. Prune them

Pruning is usually done during the dormant period of trees, which is in winter for most of the trees. But there are advantages of doing it also in summer. You can ask for tree pruning in Cape Coral in summer to take care of the tree and identify any defective parts of the tree. With it, you can recognize if there is a diseased part of the tree or if there are dying limbs that can affect the whole structure.

7 Tips for Summer Tree Care prune

If so, you can correct it by asking for a tree trimming process in Cape Coral. However, excessive pruning can also be dangerous, exposing the tree to the sun. So, always do it with caution, and better ask for a professional service to do it for you.

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4. Soil care

One of the things that can happen during summer is that the ground loses its nutrients, and it can become acid or compact. All these factors can impact the health of your tree. So, by improving the composition and structure of the soil, the health of your tree will also be preserved. Always remember to aerate the soil, as this helps deliver the needed elements for the tree to grow.

5. Mulch them

7 Tips for Summer Tree Care mulch

Mulching is a keyword to take care of your trees during summer. Although mulching is typically done in Spring, this does not mean it is the only time of the year when you can do it. When you mulch the ground, you can curtail weeds, conserve soil moisture and stabilize temperature.

Then, when doing the mulching process, always remember not to apply it to the tree’s base. This is because it can lead to insect infestation. So, always mulch around the bottom of the tree.

6. Keep it cool

A key part of tree maintenance is cooling and shading. When trees are just growing, they tend to be sensitive to excessive heat. And, as we know, summer is the season when all temperature rises. Regular landscaping materials, such as water surfaces, structures, or glass, can intensify the heat stress on trees. So, always pay attention to them and let your trees breathe and cool down.

7. Las tip for tree evaluation in summer

Now that you know 6 from 7 Tips for Summer Tree Care, it’s important to say that when summer comes, it also comes the time to ask for a professional Tree Service to examine your tree’s health. Only a certified tree service can diagnose your trees correctly and let you know what you can do to improve their living conditions.

Furthermore, only a professional can give a total extent of information about how to maintain your tree. They can offer their services to take care of your trees during summer.

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